{Laravel} How to Handle Translatable Exceptions


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Hi, today I want to share a way to have exceptions with a translatable message. In this post, I'm assuming that you have a comprehensive knowledge of the Laravel framework and use the latest PHP version, which at the time of writing is 8.1.

Let's create a new exception with the following command:

php artisan make:exception User/UserCouldNotBeCreated

We then create an interface that all the custom exceptions will need to conform with:

namespace App\Interfaces\Exceptions;

interface ExceptionTranslatable
    public function getTranslatedMessage(): string;

We then create a new trait that will help us fulfill a common scenario

namespace App\Traits\Exceptions;

use Illuminate\Http\Response;

trait HasExceptionTranslatedMessage
    public function getTranslatedMessage(): string
        return trans('exceptions.' . __CLASS__);

    public function render(): Response
        return response([
            'error' => $this->getTranslatedMessage(),
        ], $this->getErrorCode());

    protected function getErrorCode(): int
        return Response::HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR;

I decided to store my translations like so:

// lang/en/exceptions.php

use App\Exceptions\User\UserCouldNotBeCreated;
use App\Exceptions\User\UserCouldNotBeDeleted;
use App\Exceptions\User\UserCouldNotBeUpdated;

return [
    UserCouldNotBeCreated::class => 'The user could not be created. Please contact support.',
    UserCouldNotBeUpdated::class => 'The user could not be updated. Please contact support.',
    UserCouldNotBeDeleted::class => 'The user could not be deleted. Please contact support.',

We then use the newly created trait and interface in the custom exception:

namespace App\Exceptions\User;

use App\Interfaces\Exceptions\ExceptionTranslatable;
use App\Traits\Exceptions\HasExceptionTranslatedMessage;
use Exception;

class UserCouldNotBeCreated extends Exception implements ExceptionTranslatable
    use HasExceptionTranslatedMessage;

You can now use it by simply using

throw new UserCouldNotBeDeleted

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.